Video Release

“The Chase” Music Video Release


Our second music video for local Rock Band “Suburban Key Party” is out now!

The goal for this video was to create the appearance of a kid’s show starring puppets singing along to the song. Our art department handcrafted all of the set props out of cardboard, and we shot against a chromakey backdrop so we could add further depth via custom animated backdrops. We shot several elements separate from the main scenes and imposed them into the video to add even more depth. This project was unlike anything we’ve worked on prior and we’re very excited with the way that it came out!

Click here to see the first Suburban Key Party video we produced for “Tripping Inside My Head”





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Production Credits:

Director of Photography: Ethan McQuade

Assistant Director: Duncan Holterhaus

Art Director/Props: Amanda DeVleeschower

Puppeteers: Amanda DeVleeschower, Tyler McLean, Casey House, Patrick Madariaga, Tom Southern, Duncan Holterhaus