Video Release

“Bitter But Better” Music Video Release


Neon lights, pizza, video games, & hand drawn VFX!

Wring Out approached us with a simple concept: Video games with the band performing in the back of the room. We worked with them on this idea to make it bigger and bigger until reaching it’s eclectic final form. The video game footage featured in the game is from a homebrew video game created by Wring Out vocalist Joey Perez. We borrowed from the game’s color palette to dress our set, and had the talent wear shirts contrasting the three different background colors we chose. We filled out the back wall with neon signs, and complemented everything with a “Scott Pilgrim” inspired set of hand drawn VFX by our own Amanda DeVleeschower.





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Production Credits:

Director of Photography: Ethan McQuade

Assistant Director: Tyler McLean

Gaffer: Jimmy Bacon

Art Director/Props: Amanda DeVleeschower

Production Assistant: Austin Allbritten

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