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“Incandescent” Music Video Release


Our second music video for local Pop Punk Band “Boxford” is out now!

For our second video with Boxford, we continued the story their EP depicts. Picking up from where “Breathe” left off, months have passed, and the story continues with a somber yet hopeful feeling as they continue to try to move forward with their lives after their friend passed away. The dark subject matter is accompanied by bright & playful visuals as a Friday night tiki-themed party takes place. Throughout, you will see our very own Casey House standing out in the sea of Hawaiian shirts, as he is dressed in business casual attire. It is a very subtle theme that takes place throughout the video, as he is representative of the sadness that still lingers, and the mundane lifestyle of a 9-to-5 worker trying to make it through each day after tragedy strikes. If you are a fan of sad lyrics accompanied by happy and upbeat instrumentals, and a video to match, check this one out!

Click here to see the first Boxford video we produced for “Breathe”





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Production Credits:

Director of Photography: Ethan McQuade

Assistant Director: Tyler McLean, Jimmy Bacon

Art Director/Props: Amanda DeVleeschower

Gaffer: Duncan Holterhaus

Additional Camerawork: Kris Williams, Tyler McLean

Special Thanks: Jim & Lori Bacon, Bre Strong, Kevin Rocha

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